Christian Costanza

Past Games

Tailor Moon is an asymmetrical cooperative experimental simulation game where you and your friends will become the owners of a 40' era Tailor shop.
you are a coral colony, let them eat and repair the damage that man creates indirectly
Four happy spaceships find themselves in quite a predicament. They are fighting to collect energy when they are hit by an EMP.
Use your smartphone as a game controller. “Plug” your device to a cereal box and smash the box with your hands to control your monster and generate real waves on screen.
Four explorers embark on a dangerous adventure to find rare Talismans. But, because of secret indigenous rituals, they find themselves fighting over their most precious possession.
What'll you do to exit the room?
PathOne is an immersive puzzle game where the player has to paint a defined series of boxes belonging to a grid.