Past Games

Hygge is a Danish word for comfort. In this Blindman's Buff game you are trying to find the comfort of your home. Use the arrow keys or WASD to move.
For the Theme "Transmission" we devolped CubeFusion. This game is about to interactive with a VR "Merge" Cube.
Battle treacherous waves as you aim to make your fortune! Salvage as many crates as possible from the stormy sea and store them safely in your ships cargo bay. Do all this while maneuvering throug
You are the most important political figure in your country. Your job is a routine. A ritual you could say. Get a question!
You thought you'd hit it big with the apprenticeship at Area Onety Five, but then the invasion came… You pillaged a random science lab and have no idea what all this stuff does.

Hearty Games