Past Games

You are the captain of the Bronze Empress, an airship that was once part of a vast fleet.
Focus your intention, mix the right ingredients and cast magic signs in light.
A game about how the emotions you experience during times of loss can change the way you see the world. Use the arrow keys to move and jump. You can double jump.
You are a spirit, running of out time. Avoid your inevitable death as long as possible by jumping into and possessing others' bodies. But this isn't an end-all solution! Keep running and possessing others to prolong your life.
Collect nutrients, water and energy as you guide a new species of plant through the treacherous earth. Mixed-media artwork combines digital techniques with pastels, watercolor and charcoal. Dynamic sound allows the player's gameplay to contribute to the auditory experience. Avoid predators and obstacles, and reach the surface before you're doomed to extinction. Project created in Construct, an open-source game creator. This game received the "Most Beautiful" award at the NYU Game Center Jam site.