Chris Guest

Past Games

Cooperative puzzle game experience. You and a friend control two friendly cactuses trying to solve a variety of puzzles before you.
After defeating Incindor the Kiln-Chested at the end of his epic journey, Sir Kwest is left with a sharp shrill noise blaring through his ears cutting off his glorious internal fanfare. Exiting the room, he finds himself immersed in an abyss of unfamiliar names and terminology... What is this realm? A strange anomaly occurs as Sir Kwest finds himself back in his home, right where his adventure started. No one seems to know of his recent victories, yet all of his weapons and abilities obtained over the course of his journey remain. As the world itself and all its inhabitants start to corrupt and fall apart, you must help the bug-eyed knight escape before he is destroyed along with everything else!
You play as a man trapped in an otherworldly plain of existence. In order to return to reality, you must obtain elemental aspects of yourself, guarded by your inner demons. These aspects grant you new abilities and outlooks on life, however each aspect has its own set of positive and negative effects, and while each aspect must be gained to topple the obstacles standing in your path, you must then learn a new aspect to counteract the baneful effects of the last. The theme is "We don't see things how they are, we see things how we are."