Chris D'Arcy

Past Games

2D isometric puzzle game in which you solve puzzles (soon collect items) to finish your ritual.
Conjure up potions to aid your troops in battle. Drop ingredients into your Cauldron and mix together the perfect recipe to destroy your enemy. Buy new Recipes and learn new Devious ways to beat y
Let Me Sleep Let me Sleep explores an exaggerated form of the daily rituals people perform (particularly when they are suffering from stress or perhaps suffer from OCD), when they have particular i
A local multiplayer arena game based on capturing objectives before your opponent.
solve puzzles by communicating through your lexicon (Spacebar to play, Shift-S to skip, ESC to quit)
Humanity has achieved interstellar space flight and expanded into a universe alive with diverse and colourful alien life, all intermingling in galactic politics.
Collect the sentient vegetables and sacrifice them by cooking them! This cooking process is known as your Mayan ritual and the more you do it, the more pleased your god Legumius will be!