Chris Antepenko

Past Games

Packing is a game about digging through hoards of junk to find what matters. Also Billy Mays is in it. It was inspired by a few people in my life who hoard.
In this game, you play as a simple minded virus whose only goal is to infect and destroy healthy cells. To do so, you must smash things at high speeds. Play using an xBox controller.
You must destroy the oncoming waves, but the only way is to cancel them out with another wave.
Have YOU ever wanted to create cool potions!? Have you EVER wanted to do strange ritual dances over sick people!?!? Have you ever wondered how ancient medicine works at all?????
Imagine you are a twelve year old boy and you have just been grounded for the day. What do you do after that point?
WASD - Movement Mouse - Camera Spacebar - Press to find out