Past Games

In a world where everyone looks identical, your actions alone define you. Disconnect from the faceless masses and discover yourself. Blend in, while keeping your identity.
Pulse It! is a game where your goal is to defend a beating heart by destroying some candy colored creepy crawlies that seek to suck out all the heart's pretty colors, eventually stopping it. You can compete globally with the online highscores. We had all sorts of magnificent plans for the project, like adding a global view where people all around the world could brighten up the screen by collecting more beating hearts, bu you know how these jams go. Still had fun! :D
People born, people die, life goes on. Play well enough, and across a few generations, you just might get the odds right for a perfect life!
In the game you find digital lifeforms that are different every time the game is started, and each time the game ends they go extinct. Your mission is to keep this unique species alive and safe as long as possible as the conditions grow worse and worse.
Guide a lone, miserable flame through a dark maze. You need to reach the goal before he withers. You need a map to guide you, but don't trust it blindly... It will try to deceive you.