Past Games

Do you ever played the SIMON memory game? I remember a lots of fun playing it.
It is about a babysitter taking care of a 2 years old toddler which in his way around the house makes disaster by breaking things and she have to repair every stuff he brokes before the parents come
Gods & Party & Dance & Fire It's a Ritual of Fun, a Ritual where you have to keep the KIKI dancing to the God of Fire. Don't be rude and let the party go on....
we pick fruit falling from a tree
Eat And Shut It, is a 2D videogame made in Unity3D engine. Is a casual-arcade videogame where you have to eat all food, that a tree who is in the center of the screen, drops for you. You control a "chest" - like character (as a treasure chest), moving him to left, right and jumping too. If one drop fall down to the floor, the game ends. Each heartbeat of the tree, means a drop(s) is(are) coming down.