Past Games

A game in a world where people can only go in four directions. A tanuki disguised as a shinto monk tries to bring balance back to the world. The player performs shinto purification rituals on obje
Idle Office is a web-based point & click game in which must entertain a young child.
Welcome to TimidThief! In this game you play Timothy the timid thief. Unfortunately, Timothy is afraid of the darkness, so try to keep his heartbeat relaxed by stepping into illuminated areas. You can listen to his heartbeat by using headphones or speakers. In illuminated areas however, enemies can see you and try to capture you. Try to avoid them! You can illuminate dark lights by using Torches that lie around at some places. Use the WSAD-Keys, the Arrow-Keys or your favourite gamepad to navigate Timothy There are two levels in TimidThief. In the first one, you have to get to the treasure-chest. In the second one you have to escape a dark dungeon and get to the surface again. Have fun playing! The game was made during the Global Game Jam 2013 in Cologne, Germany by * Dominik Lazarek (Twitter: @Omme) * Carsten Ruhr (Twitter: @dacxp) * Shane Grueling (Twitter: @sgrueling) * Jan Ladleif (Twitter: @theEleas)
\"Obelisque\" takes the player to an ancient, abandoned city on an planet far away. Without memory the player needs to solve riddles to understand his role on the events that lead to his losse of memory.