Past Games

Benny the bagel was dropped in the metro one fateful morning and encounters other discarded and forgotten pastries: the strudels.
To build towards your goal, you must sacrifice something of yourself. How will you choose to proceed? Will you trust those who have come before you, who are working around you, or will you decide to make your own path? “What if we had to sacrifice our own health and livelihood in order to build something for others, or for future generations?” This game requires the player to literally grab pieces of their own health bar in order to keep building towards a main goal. Once the player has depleted their life bar, they die (their turn is over) and the next player who picks up the game continues to build on the previous foundations. Each player must decide whether they will trust the wisdom of previous players or build in a completely different direction. The players are building towards a door, the location of which is indicated by the door's shadow (which moves and shifts according to the time of day). Through teamwork, players must find the door without being able to communicate with each other except by how they affect their environment. They can choose to build trust (and have a better chance of finding the door), or not. What lies through the door? Is the struggle worth it? With a little perseverance, you may find out.