Past Games

Navigate a debris field to help survivors from a dark fate while avoid numerous hazards.
You are a derelict on a derelict ship. The ship needs to be repaired. Explore the ship to find out what happened, and find a way to survive. - Text based interactive fiction
ALL the pets!
Quiet and relaxing. (there is music, and chromes prevents autoplay of audio; if the music doesn't start and you want it, just press a key or click the mouse)
Inspired by The Quiet Game and being on timeout. Fear not, it's not "just" a timer.
Our "game" is a collaborative controller, which will allow many people to play one game together. Think Twitch Plays Pokémon. Or Steam controller remapping.
VisionQuest =========== This year's theme: Waves ##About Your world begins in a very dark forest. You are not alone.
A roguelike game where you run up the floors of a house trying to avoid getting eaten by large, sentient sushi. Each floor is procedurally generated using maze algorithms.
The Sword or The PopTart? The erstwhile player chooses to fight one of three deadly creatures ... but at the same time his or her weapon is selected by popular vote on a webpage!
The player takes the role of Square, a character who lives in a plain, grey world thanks to a tragedy. With little direction, the player’s goal is to return Square’s world to color.
A puzzle game involving redirecting the flow of rain water in order to reveal hidden platforms necessary to reach the level exit. Live demo playable at

Hearty Games