Past Games

A point-and-click adventure starring a haunted house, a monster called Meatpup, and an unsuspecting victim trying to escape an untimely demise!
Take control of Bullet - a white blood cell who occupies the circulatory system in a body. Bullet's home is under relentless siege from various illness or disease, and that pisses him right off. As one of the few remaining white blood cells, he's embarked on a suicide mission: Storm through the organs and sunder any cells that get in his way, or die trying. With a top-down perspective, players must navigate briskly through flowing veins and arteries while annihilating any foreign cells that cross their path. Upon reaching a major organ, Bullet enters it and must do battle with a terrible infection. Work your way to the heart and show the world what Bullet is capable of!
Splice the genes of endangered animals to keep them from going extinct.