Past Games

The county is divided with partisan disagreements at a historic maximum.
Your growing family lives across the country. Each holiday season you must pick a family member to host the family gathering whose home location will minimize aggregate travel time for all.
How many synonyms can you connect in a minute? Inspired by the grade school "telephone game" in which a simple message started by one child is whispered into the ear of the next, one by one until the last child announces the message she heard. Invariably the final message is a shadow of the original. Demonstrating unreliability of human communication transmission and the origin of rumor and gossip. In SynoMISSION, the player starts with one word and must enter as many synonyms as possible in one minute while ensuring the final word is a synonym of the original starting word. Keep submitting words until time is up or your last word is a synonym of your first; whenever that happens, the "transmit" button will appear-- either click the button to complete the transmission or press your luck by transmitting more synonyms.
Metaphor Concept Maintain hemeostasis by insuring blood cells balance various metabolic functions and avoid toxins. Breathing, Eating, and Sleeping are represented by the pulmonary, digestive, and nervous systems and red blood cells must "breath", "eat", and "rest" by exchanging oxygen in the lungs, sugar in the stomach, and putting the brain to sleep. In Practice Use touch interface to move small circles (cells) to and from orbs (organs) in order to balance their respective colors, size, and tempo.
Develop, upgrade, and recycle Apple gadgets by laying tiles representing components on a circuit board. (Subtitled: Upgrade Obsession-- Reinvent, Renew, Recycle.)