Past Games

"Llama Transmitting Diseases" This is what happens when two game ideas meet and mash up, this is a jam game at it's best, totally weird and the challenge level of the game suitable f
The earth had been flooded by sinners once again, and so god decided to flood the earth the old- fashioned style. The sinners laughed, "Ha, fuck you we have boats!
"One day, someone showed me a cup of coffee that was filled half way. And he said, "Is it half full or half empty?" So I drank the coffee. No more problem."
The Old Hag Menace is a completely inappropriate adventure game, which combines cartoonish and pixel graphics with traditional adventure game mechanics. The goal of the game is to increase Mrs. Busybody’s (a.k.a. the old hag) blood-pressure by doing pranks and other mischieves, ultimately leading to Mrs. Busybody’s death. The old hag is always watching through some of the windows, and if she sees you doing pranks, she will call the cops and you will lose the game. You can avoid the old hags gaze by hiding behind some larger objects (e.g. trees). Mrs. Busybody’s yard is divided in three parts: front yard, garden and back yard. Move between the yards by walking through the sides of the game screen. All actions are done with text commands (e.g. 'look door', 'steal apple' etc.).
Please the Snake God by sacrificing mice on his altar or suffer the consequences!