Past Games

Transmit music from the audio nodes provided, explore and enjoy while experimenting through the creation of your own music!
Casual board game utilising numbers and shapes. Find the rules here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/19604cTjP-aFdeTdXYBtsG9Lh2b0ppA00rMDf7PaHNBE/edit?usp=sharing
You play in a top-down shooter as an adorable (slightly unnerving) fuzzy cyborg with hypersensitive hearing.
Ride a wave expressed as a sum of many sine waves, and try to avoid the deadly laser for as long as possible. Literally every single button is the controls.
Start a wave of Populism and beat your friend at the election! 2-player local multiplayer. Requires 2 controllers. In 180 days an election is being held.