Past Games

"Home is worth fighting for" Made in Media Molecule's Dreams, we created a game where you must find a new home to settle on after your own is destroyed.
Made in Media Molecule's Dreams, Fly my pigeon, fly, puts you in the gnarled toes of a carrier pigeon as he races to get his message delivered. We had hoped to get pigeon death upon crashing i
It's the mid 1980s and new wave is where it's at, join the Neon Pink Owls while they go from a bunch of nobodies to amazing musicians on their rise towards fame. Travel across the sights
Juggle your morning ritual whilst getting your child ready for school. We recommend you play our game with headphones :)
Dowedo is an ex-sheriff who is roaming the wild west, solving crimes and righting wrongs. He comes across a town where the new Sheriff seems to have been murdered.
Hot or Cold is a game where you must decipher what your customer wants. They may ask for what they are after, or they may be happier with a new suggestion.
A Wise Choice is a practically fully accessible adventure game, set in the unusual kingdom of Twoolley where Prince Carrot and Princess Silverlocks have mysteriously disappeared, finding yourself in this strange land, unfortunately the only individuals that can help you leave are the missing Prince and Princess, fear not though, you look like a brave traveler, and if you follow the heartbeat of royalty you'll find them in no time. With twelve different imaginative locations, and a host of strange and colourful characters, A Wise Choice is a story-driven game that can be enjoyed by all - literally! When challenged with the option of creating an accessible game we asked ourselves, how would you make an adventure game that a blind person could play. How about a deaf person? How accessible could we make an adventure game? Could it be for kids too? We love playing adventure games and these questions made me look at things in a different way. When the BBC produce DVD's, there is always an audio navigation option at the beginning of the DVD. This allows blind or those who are hard of seeing to navigate the menu system without seeing the buttons. we wondered if this would work with a decision based adventure game with a split story tree and other options. How would the menu's and choices be made? We figured out a looping menu/option system that would continue through the choices until you made one. From this we then added an "are you sure?" segment that allowed the player to change their mind and safeguard against timing errors. Once we tested this, we proved it could work as a concept and started making assets for a story. This took most of the weekend and we only just managed to squeeze it all into the deadline. Each of the main characters either makes a comment or gives a valuable lesson hat will help and hopefully teach younger players some good ideas. the repeating phrase that a lot of characters mention is "Your choices define who you are.." and the game ends with a nice conclusive and happy message. We had a few bugs that stopped it being the final polished masterpiece but we are very very proud of the game we made.
Will you be a bastard or a saint, choose your words wisely as you determine the fate of several endangered species.
Commander Katherine has put together an elite squad of young children that are fed up of being ignored. You are her right hand man, and she has entrusted you with the task to keep in contact with her operatives on the ground and inform them of the best hiding spots to surprise passers-by. However you're mum has only left you alone for 2 minutes to pop into the shop, and will be back for you when she's done, so you won't have long to aid Commander Katherine