Past Games

Right now, home is just a new flat full of boxes. Unbox them. Find out what's in there. Decide where to put them. Try to complete a whole set of things.
A game on waves, migration and Dientes.
Lone Graves is a poetic walking simulator game based on short memoirs of an old man, who visits his dear friends - his lifelong companions – at the cemetery remembering the time they spent together.
A troupe of kids is celebrating the beginning of their holidays by starting a contest comprised of a few simple games they make up themselves. Assuming the role of one of them, players may either p
Dientes intenta recuperar su palo de los gatos lunares de la luna. // Dientes tries to get back its stick from the lunar cats from the moon.
The playable character is only able to see the objects in parts which share same colour of heirs.