Past Games

Enter the world of an avant-garde jazz/funk jam, get your chops together and lay down that sweet sweet groove. Can't handle the beat? Maybe you should try something simpler, motherfunker!!
Swing and collect. And repair it all.
A futuristic thriller in the vein of old skool games. Or possibly something else entirely. Use the arrows to move, and bring the food to the buildings.
Transmit your alien disease. Whilst being sent to a far away planet called Earth, prince HaaKen and princess Patra compete to build a fearful empire.
Survive The Dark Below! Explore the depths of the ocean with Lela on a quest to find the Mystique Gem. Watch out! There are some sinister creatures down there.
When two tribes realise they can't get along, they agree to meet a specific time and place and battle it out with the help of their beloved gods. Zukacheni is a puzzle fighting game where you
Preach and convert humans to get what you need to fix your mothership! You are an Alien stranded on Earth with a malfunctioning mothership that will jump in between different eras of Earth's h