Carlos González

Past Games

An InteractML example working on Windows. Move your mouse around the screen to see the colour changed by a neural network!
Worked on a concept work technology for Doctoral research
Little project in C++ where everything is procedurally generated using OpenFrameworks, emulating the style of paintings by Kandinsky.
You are a mad scientist, trying to cure a deadly illness that you've inflicted on yourself.
Click on the right colours in turn to make as long a line as you can - the line will break if you click on the wrong colour. Future developments - play against your friends online or in VR
This game is about a person who has obsessive compulsive disorder.
In Travel, you start out as a star lost in space, with no real instructions as to what to do and what the game is about.
Braveness/Cowardice is a 2D lateral scroll game in which the player controlls the mood of the main character, braveness and cowardice. The Brave world is iluminated but the Coward world is in darkn