Past Games

Tailor Moon is an asymmetrical cooperative experimental simulation game where you and your friends will become the owners of a 40' era Tailor shop.
There are houses with a lot of different worlds inside…but be carefull you don’t have to get lost and to loose your keys. “Escape from Universes” is a party games thinked for a players unlimited numb
Based on the "Telephone Game". The players need to navigate a maze together by inserting the same sequence of commands.
SpettroCane è un gran cane, abile nel tornare in vita e difendere il pianeta. Unisciti anche tu a spettrocane e alla gang di amici!!!!
Four explorers embark on a dangerous adventure to find rare Talismans. But, because of secret indigenous rituals, they find themselves fighting over their most precious possession.
What'll you do to exit the room?
what to do now? the real answer in inside us, deep inside.
The last day of the Global Game Jam is almost here. A game designer, a visual designer, a sound designer and a programmer are jamming together to develop the game of their dreams.