Camila Bustillo

Past Games

When you're not at home Kitty starts causing some problems. Luckily for you, Doggo is there to help.
The show is about to start and we just need you, roadie newbie, to go test the sound. «One, two, three.
History's gretest novelist has exiled himself to a far away island and now you, his manager, must board the Sucundún and look for the author's writings that float in the ocean.
Lovecraftian Submarine Survival Roguelike extraordinaire. Top down view of your sub in a dark sea. Search for relics in uncharted waters, infested with eldritch horrors.
Ready, set, EAT! Two wizards battle in this dungeon, with only one ability: to transform in what they think can beat their foe, by taking each ingredient to the magic cauldron.
Stay caffeinated or you die! Don't drink too much or you die! Jump over stuff or you die! A transformative and elaborate piece of interactive media that thoroughly explores our relationship