Past Games

For generations your family's been in the destruction business. Years spent dismantling the creations of others, But no longer.
Copse (n): a stand of trees and shrubs; a place in the forest where a complex community of lifeforms can be found. When a tree dies, that which composes it does not simply disappear.
Monitor deep space. Experience sounds, messages, signals drifting through the void.
A bullet h*ck nightmare on an endless night!
Help displaced minions find shelter from the rain. Move with W,A,S,D, use Q and E to change elevation, place blocks with Z, destroy blocks with X.
The great teacher hands you a flower, you smile and a 1000 years of suffering falls away. Kamma is the Pali spelling of the word Karma.
Help kids at a school dance find their soulmates by synchronizing their heartbeats. Stop them from hooking up with the wrong person. For every correct match you make, you gain points. Featuring original music by Jason Paris. Social impact: promotes inclusivity through diverse pairings.