C. Gazey

Past Games

As a one man team I didn't really get the time to turn this into a game with any game mechanics, so I'll talk about what I did do and the grand concept overall. Procedural generation appe
Destroy the enemy plane to move closer to their ATC base. While doing your best to not fall out of the sky, watch out for anti-aircraft gunners manned by audience players.
The idea behind Shipbreakers is that it is a versus game where everyone has a trireme with a naval ram. The objective is to ram your ship into others until you're the last one standing.
Bear With Us is a hybrid RTS, Twin Stick shooter game. The architect lays down blueprints, and the builders must collect the resources to construct them!
Porum is a puzzler platformer where your current state determines your perception of the game space. Hugh is a canvas who is exploring a new world of colour.