César Lima

Past Games

This is a game to call people's attention to one of the most important agendas in our time: climate changes. It's a very simple and minimalistic game.
You are a little ghost in the quest to help some poor souls to remember their past.
Em um mundo paralelo, reinventamos a forma de como os vasos quebrados por um vândalo conhecido no mundo dos games chamado "Linkson" reaparece em cena.
Pitch of Le Art Repair Simulator This game is about restoring damaged art pieces .
A bird woman fighting for survive far from home
This is the game where the challenge is to take the dog to your home where it is safer. To do this, you must hit the challenges proposed.
In this game you are a space traffic controller. Each one of the starships can be controlled by two exclusive buttons with their colors, keep in mind their difference in weight and velocity.
As a 3D infinity runner, this game aims to those who likes to spread the love.
Naval Jam is a game about managing naval traffic and avoid accidents.