Past Games

Equality is nice, but what if I get more? How to play: Click or press any key to count faster and upgrade your levels. Goal: To steal as much as money without getting caught. Note: In case yo
We run, we fetch, we bring the bone back to the owner Move left and right with arrow keys, and that's it!
Storyline: A flock of birds has been disbanded by a storm and fall apart from each other into distant islands.
STUCKHOLM is an endless/2d/action/pixel-art platformer with platforms that changes every screen banding. You are stuck in a TV world called Stuckholm while watching TV and now you are in danger,
2d-platformer about an ordinary man who tries to bring colors back to the dark world by interacting objects.
Simultaneous gameplay of two characters, a bird and a man responding differently to same commands.

Hearty Games