Past Games

~ WINNER of Global Game Jam Austin 2019 "Best Title" ~ Game Description: In 2020, an alien armada descended on the heart of the nation.
Take a brief intermission from your busy life to focus on your breath, your mind, and your presence.
A cry in the dark wakes you from your slumber: “Help me! I’m so alone. Is anyone out there?” You come to your senses but see nothing but darkness. Are you blind?
Sal the Satellite Dish's pals have lost control of their minds! It's up to him stop the UNCHILL WAVES that have corrupted them by transmitting CHILL WAVES from his dish-shaped head!
A simple dueling game between two Samurai. You can move, attack, dash, and block, but each action will increase your Heart rate, making you more sensitive to knock-back effects from an enemies attack. Be the first to knock your opponent off the mountain and win the round. Play it in Browser here: http://www.pulseofthesamurai.com/
You wake up in a world where you are the only person left alive. You attempt to kill yourself but the universe conspires against you at every attempt. Will you succeed in your endeavor or will you find a reason to stay alive along the way?
Teddy Roosevelt is on an epic safari to preserve African wildlife forever - through the miracle of modern taxidermy!
A man on a closed circuit camera, a strange machine, an unsavory task...