Past Games

This project is a cute mailing App that let's you send a letter to someone special that let's them know how they make you feel. :)
Your phones Voice assistant, Siri, falls madly in love with you and tries to highjack you, driving you into a forest. You have to stay alive and escape the forest!
This a game about a cute baby in a boat.
Two clowns are fighting a giant snake in a battle for survival!
Create mayham in the supermarket.
Super Fruit Punch is a coop platformer/fighting game, where you have to work together to fight against fruits and mix different kinds of punches. We are looking forward to hear feedback. - You c
Blood Ritual Blood Ritual is a fun combination of Mortal Kombat and Super Smash Bros. In this ancient rituals four warriors fight to rip out each others hearts to sacrifice them at the top of a temple. The Warrior who earns the gods favor by sacrificing most hearts will be allowed to live after the trial.