Past Games

A game about communicating through expressive and emergent play
"Oh hi, Boss? Sorry to bother you. I know it’s your day off but... there’s this old guy here asking for “chipotle salsa” paint?
This is a simple game that is about saving dave from drowning in the ocean. You tap the screen to drop life buoys to rescue dave and his many clones.
“It was a brisk night. The kind of briskness that freezes your nipples off and leaves half the town buried in snow. But not me – I was on my way to a well deserved holiday in the summer sun.
Follow the story of Amy as she tries to summon her mother back from the dead. Explore creepy environments in search of your mother, while being immersed in an atmospheric soundtrack.
Meditate in the Virtual Temple to relax your mind. Feel your worries melt away. Focus, and feel your Ch'i rising. Free your mind of distractions to reach enlightenment.
Welcome to the Almighty Hobogoober, where the Almighty is leading a ceremonial dance for his loyal followers. - One player plays as the Almighty Hobogoober.
You have 60 seconds to live. Pass on your genes to survive and live through your offspring. Press 'E' to hump. And oh boy, get ready, to HUMP! HUMP! HUMP!