Past Games

Honk is an honest tradesman. His trade, repairing and preparing the level back to its initial state. It's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it.
A short 5 minute narrated experience where you walk through a memory of a snowy day in a cozy cottage. Find your way home before you melt, while navigating this rotating rubix cube / puzzle platfor
Welcome to the Stellar Delivery Service! You have been assigned to the SDS Sand-Witch as its acting Captain.
Crosswired is a Virtual Reality cable management game with funny dialogue. It's up to you as the operator for an intergalactic communications switchboard to connect the correct calls.
Tesla and Edison square off to see who's version of the Tesla coil is stronger. Head to Head Puzzle action! Controllers Recommended.
You're a sumo, trapped in a giant hamster ball! Knock the ball out of the stage to score points. Make sure to be the last one to get a hit though, as someone else can steal your points!
Tiki Torcher, a game of ritual sacrifice. You must appease the gods’ need for blood by sacrificing mortals into the molten lava of the fiery volcano.
1-800-CatlineBling is a coming of age story where a kitten becomes a cat. Through the age old cat mating ritual, you must help YuNg NeKo woo his lady, Emily Lickenson in da klub.
Place and arrange decorative elements in a zen meditation garden from high above, then take a tour and explore your creation at ground level.
You are a goat. Try and avoid being sacrificed!
CONTROLS: Arrow keys or A,D to move. Z , X or J,K to jump and attack. Up Arrow or W at the edge of buildings to climb. Goal: Destroy every building in Minneapolis! =========================
Dark Moon Gauntlet is a fantasy platformer. The basic concept of the game was developed by a think tank of 12 year olds who had too much Mountain Dew to drink.
Implanted into a disturbing virtual Victorian Hotel you have entered a Virtual Reality game. Solve each Scrawled riddle to get the key for the next room.