Past Games

This is a new myth about the cause of earthquakes, written for Microsoft HoloLens. Earthquakes are caused by the infant children of the earth, the faults, who live inside the Earth's crust.
After a hard day of tomb robbing, it's time to take a load off your feet. Sitting on a fairy flower is not recommended.
This is a slow music game about longing and nostalgia.
A game about the first time I saw my baby, and heard her soothing heartbeat.
The original concept was to make a 2-player game where one player plays a slot machine (casual) gradually losing money. In order to keep playing, they need a hardcore player, who plays a very challenging shooter, to keep them supplied with money. \ \ The game is unfinished partially because of illness, but mostly because my design was way too ambitious.
A free android game for two players. Grow your words, then make your opponent's words extinct!
Don the robot's mission, to collect DNA samples on an alien planet, has gone horribly wrong. After millions of years marooned, alone with hordes of killer lizards he has learned to mimic, he has started to forget that he isn't a lizard himself...