Past Games

Ragdoll rhythm game. Play in the web browser with one or two game controllers. Make waves!
Rituals and not getting eaten by elder Gods
A game that isn't really about butterflies. Or is it?
Mage Masher is a first person, procedurally generated, networked multiplayer battle arena.
Disclaimer: Due to time and other issues the game isn't fully functional, and a multitude of features are missing or not working correctly. Wisp Rapture is a local multiplayer side scrolling p
Take control of a team of cosmonauts battling to save their ailing ship. But who will get the credit? Fight to save your ship. Fight, for the glory of the motherland!
Move a ninja around. So daring. Much VR.
Too Mouse or not Too Mouse, that is the question... Race around a maze and beat the other mouse to all the checkpoints, watch out though, things are not as they seem, you may find yourself pondering