Past Games

Two teams are racing to find each other in an ancient maze. A leader outside the maze has a map and has to help lead their 2 teammates to each other before the other team can.
A card and phone texting game. Texting today is such a tragedy. Swype keyboards, speech-to-text, and phone hardware keyboards have ruined the culture of abbreviating texts in cryptic, near undecipherable tiny messages. <3 brings back the golden days of texting by forcing players to type length constrained messages to each other. U R gona <3 it! Check the bottom of this page for the rules.
You are a British cattle farmer in the in the 1990s. With the progress of science and the rising costs of living, the cattle industry has creatively turned to cow recycling - feeding one cow from the remains of another. However, this innovation has fueled Mad Cow Disease, infecting the feed market. With the government inspectors threatening to cull all your cattle, you’ve got to turn the most profit before the market closes for good!
"A meteor didn't kill the dinosaurs... I did." Mow down dinos and bring about the extinction of nature's greatest foes. Pardon the bugs, we weren't able to finish in time. Still lol-worthy excitement - watch the character's arm swing wildly around and the dinosaurs disappear before your very eyes!