Past Games

FixieBot is a toy robot who loves to play games but sometimes breaks down.
You just moved to Berlin and your apartment is so empty! Use a dating app to find people with cool furniture. If the date goes well, they will take you back to their place.
3 AM after a night of drinking and you are totally wasted. It's time to see who can still play a standard major scale. Pick your instruments and get ready!
It's funny because it's true. Ruth is dead! You are broke and at grand grand mother Ruth's funeral. She never really liked you so her fortune will be given to one of your relatives.
You are a ray of light. Change your color to evade barriers and not lose strength. Use to opposite colors for red and green barriers, yellow stays yellow! I used a Launchpad Mini as controller fo
Your phones Voice assistant, Siri, falls madly in love with you and tries to highjack you, driving you into a forest. You have to stay alive and escape the forest!
Social waves are not something to mess with. Especially on the train, the slightest mistake will make people angry. Can you make it until your last stop?
You and your friends are the crew of a smuggler ship.
A old man struggles with guilt and uncertainty in his daily routine.