Past Games

Requires Computer with Browser And 2 or more phone controllers
A top down shooter where you, the alien being, must take over a human space station and destroy it by Transmitting your consciousness between humans to make them do your bidding.
Guide your space pups to their correctly coloured balls but be careful you can only swipe one pup at a time or a hit a button to move them all in the same direction due to your narrow channel communic
The Eternal Tide is about the futility of fighting against that which cannot be fought against. The player will endlessly fight against the ocean, trying to continuously move forward without ever r
The game takes you through the thoughts of a man in meditation, attempting to work through problems he's having. Our game is an adventure game that reveals changes in gameplay + aesthetic with
A co op puzzle game for two players about circles and death. Keyboard option: P1: WASD / P2: ARROWS PS3/Xbox controllers supported.
Four sheep enter, ONE SHEEP LEAVES! So much fun It's flocking incredible! ***** GAMEPADS RECOMMENDED ****** Crazy Party Game for 2-4 Players (2P on Keyboard, up to 4P on Gamepad) GET S
-------- Explore four seasonal micro-planets in this VR-enabled experience. -------- Concept: Life is a journey riddled with challenges posed by our environment, those around us, and ourselves.
Are you Hunter or Hunted? Reach the castle, raise the banner, turn ONE MAN into an ARMY! !! HOLD & RELEASE to attack !! (A) / LeftMouse = ARROWS! (B) / RightMouse = CHARGE!
4-some multiplayer blaster with a reflective mechanic
Infinite colour cycle