Past Games

Home is were you can rest, grow and reenergise, away of the rush and stress of your everyday life.
Fight as God or Devil and take charge of the fate of earth.
Command a valiant group of blood cells as they navigate the treacherous blood vessels! Dodge pieces of cholestrol and avoid viruses and bacteria to get the precious oxygen they carry to the heart! Will you have the heart to keep all your cell's vessels afloat? Or will you create a bloody scene in an effort to rush through? Either ways, a bloodbath awaits! Multiplayer Recommended! (2 Players) Credits to SoundJay,com for the audio assets Controls 1. Press A repeatedly to move left (Player 1 controls) 2. Press P to move right (Player 2 Controls) 3. Alternate between A & P to move forward 4. Avoid the pieces of cholestrol & bacteria and viruses 5. Reach the heart to win! 6. When all your blood cells die, you lose!
Explore the dungeons and face your shadows, but beware, don't get too close!
Navigate your kamikaze aliens into planet cores to extinguish the universe!

Hearty Games