Past Games

The Cosmoship Venture discovers an android floating around in a space-rock field. That android called Andrine can be repaired, but her rapid memory access is still disabled.
You play as either The Fixer or The Breaker. It's very simple; run into an object as The Fixer to fix it, and as The Breaker to destroy it.
The gods demand acknowledgement from humans, or their wrath will be known. Build a civilization and choose your gods carefully. Single-player 2D strategy game.
A game about love, friendship, hardship, bromanship, swordmanship and... uhm... everything else ship and non-ship.
This is a top-down labyrinth game parody of Indiana Jones. The goal of the game is to collect the items needed to complete a level, as well as surviving the deadly traps and animals that lurk in the depths.