Past Games

Training to be a window wiper is hard work! Phew, thankfully great wavy bear is here to help. Follow wavy bear and learn to become the best window wiper in the world.
Your god is angry and demands cider, and he wants it now! Bring bottles to the altar and walk around it to send your offering before it's too late. Be careful of Steve the thief.
Cardiary is a game where everything in the world has a pulse. Use arrow left and right keys to move. GET TO THE TOP by stepping onto the arrows! ([All objects have a heartbeat:] Arrow - Moves the player up every heartbeat, Background - Drops the screen by 3 rows every heartbeat (fill that goes clockwise around border of the game), Plasma - Shoots a ball every heartbeat, Hearts - Changes to a different collectable every heartbeat) ([Hints]: There are three collectable types once you reach the fifth row: Yellow - Makes 3 random plasma disappear, Blue - Increases the time to the next drop, Red - Reduces the time to the next drop )
A game with cyclical mechanics. Two players work cooperatively against the environment, where the results of their actions affect the circumstances the other will face. \