Past Games

A broken car needs fixing and you have what the desert gives. Drive your way out of this wasteland! Controls ####### Arrow keys - Steer & Accelerate car 1.
In Kizuna you build bonds with similar organisms(Zunas) and foster a relationship sharing your energy resources like a family. These bonds are the ones that tie you together so pay close attention to
Fruits, in a forest, markings on the ground, what?! What do we do now?! Jam Gem is a 2 player puzzle game where players decide what to do by communicating / co-operating with each other.
What if there was life after death? What if we could make up for the sins of our previous existence in the afterlife? What if immortality was the reward for this cyclic renewal of life? \ \ Pandora is an attempt at capturing this concept of birth and death, and the unending return that awaits.