Past Games

Balivernes is a wooden physical toy/game in which two players cooperate in order to get to the end of the maze.
Synthwave-style circular Pong. Up to four local players can play. You can play solo with your mouse as well. ​Made in less than 24h for the Global Game Jam 2017.
The spiritual wanderer is on the journey of his life.
As Rainbow Dash, your aim is to achieve a Sonic Rainboom.. flying horizontally! You'll need the help of Twilight Sparkle to increase your speed. This game is played with a dance pad (as for Dance Dance Revolution and StepMania), and a gamepad (best with Xbox360 Gamepad), on two screens. The actions of each player influence on the other one, mistakes and success! Yay! Rainbow Dash is played with the dance pad. Press the proper direction when a cloud comes near Rainbow Dash (circle matches the direction disk). It allows Twilight Sparkle to collect colored drops. Twilight Sparkle is played with the gamepad. Follow the spells' recipe: add colored drops with the four buttons on the right, or mix them with the left stick. When your potion is ready, cast the spell with the triggers (LT/RT). It makes Rainbow Dash fly faster!
Veggie Might is a game with a tumultuous, chaotic gameplay, and has been concieved to host a game where a thousand players come together on a battlefield to clash against each other, and defend the colors of Count Carrot or Baron Brocoli, in the endless battle that opposes them. \ \
You start it with your partner - you might finish without.