Bloodless Tukan

Past Games

*Train of Thought* is a visual novel mixed with a side scrolling autorun platformer, in which the player is picking dialogue options for the main character ------------------------------------------
​2 - Player coop! Home is where you and your friends feel happy and comfortable. That's why you and your flatmates throw an epic party for everyone who likes partying!
You met the love of your life, now express your feelings in a letter using morse code to write. Don't mess it up! CONTROLS: Press SPACE at the right time to write. Diversifiers: * ACCESS
Save the forest from the red infestation that's creeping and consuming everything in it's path. Place, organize and upgrade your mushrooms to save as much of the forest as you can.
Control your little BoomBot and avoid getting hit by the waves. On the battlefield are three other BoomBots that wish to put your live to an end.
Firstborn to a god of Chaos, scourge of the world! Heir to a throne of skulls, waterfalls of blood, kingdom of darkness! Destined for great evil, destruction of order, corruption of worlds! And....