Past Games

Buttman's back has been broken by Bane and now he needs to find the drugs. Evan Greenwood and Jarred Lunt
Avenge your wife, arrows to move and z to attack.
A game about aggressively not punching people. Winners don't use fists.
Return to a field of flowers.... \ Left click to attack (requires briefcase/sword) \ Right click to shield ( requires shield ) \ Space to roll \ \ Get the shield, helmet, sword and briefcase. \ RETURN TO THE FIELD OF FLOWERS WITHOUT DYING TO WIN.
An atmospheric platformer set in an nearly empty world. The only other living thing that you will meet is a monster.
Press Tilda is a 8bit platform puzzle game where the user plays as both player and creator. Besides the platform gameplay the user can manipulate the game through a console. Otherwise impossible feats become normal- enemies can be teleported, crates can be levitated, potplants will be burnt.