Past Games

Oh no, everything is broken! Except for a machine that can fix anything, what luck! Use the machine to fix all the broken items as they move past on the conveyor belt.
The objective of this game is to build your dream house. Players can choose from 4 different locations to build a home.
Play as a cat looking to find the perfect sleeping spot.
Find the means to acquire means for your home through an ever decreasing number of pathways.
In this game you have a choice to play as either the alien or the spy.
Heart Attack is a Virtual-Reality first-person shooter in which you play as an antibody that must defend the human organs against waves of nanobots.
Top-down arcade game. Charge your monkey-speaker to fire sonic waves and eliminate the incoming matching waves that threaten your monkey-speaker.
Wiz Biz is a game about business; Wizard Business. Being an almighty wizard, you have access to several elemental spells which you need to use to defend your tower from waves of attacking monsters.
You have just reached your goal as an Alchemist: creating a Philosopher's Stone! Now, you can create all the gold you want... but you just mixed up all your base metals.
Crowds of players form two cults, and perform arcane rituals to summon the slickest demon.
A wizard must prove himself worthy to a tribe of native driving a car, and flying! -Demo game for Oculus Rift. Created in Unity 3D
A platforming game where the player controls multiple characters at the same time.
Plays sports! Lots of them! And make a mess!
2D Platformer focused around the use of 1 and done abilities. Players must learn how abilities work through previous attempts, as the further you get, the less options you have.
In this game, the player will try to navigate a puzzle/platforming environment that shifts from day to night.
A 3-D first person platform game in which a player must survive a test chamber full of a random toxic gas. Depending upon which toxin the player is exposed to, it will either slow down or speed up the player's heart rate. The toxin will also affect the player's speed and gameplay in general.
You are the leader of the Rebels. Your society has achieved great wonders in many disciplines especially medicine. The great doctors have achieved immortality for your people. However civil war broke out at this miracle as people questioned their right to surpass the limitation imposed upon them by mortality. You agree that mortality is part of being human and have organized the rebellion against people trying to gain immortality. One of your fellow rebels has stolen the secret of immortality and has caused the government to organize a manhunt against the rebels. It is your job to save as many rebels as possible as you make your way to the center of the galaxy to destroy the secret of immortality.
An alien plant is the last of it's kind. To survive it must make a planet trying to take over the universe extinct in order to repopulate it's own or is that so?