Past Games

Two players Coop. One is a spy charged to exit the facility with the intelligence and his life. The other, a friendly drone flying over, giving the more information possible to the spy.
Fight your friends in the arena ! Use your abilities (a Dash and grenade throwing) and the Level Design to your advantage to get the upper hand ! But be careful, you'll have to pay attentio
**Optimal settings : On a Mac, Yosemite (or newer) with a wired Xbox 360 Controller. On Windows, Windows 10 (or newer) with a wired PS4 Controller.
A shoot 'em up with declining player capacities.
Banana Disco is a brand new night club in Paris. Every party guys go there, and try to pick up phone numbers, and if you want to do some very nice meetings, this is the place to be. How many phone numbers will you get and how many friends will you make ?