Past Games

This summer the evil has your face! A shoal wants to eat your "Fettina Panata" (breaded slice) and you have to kill 'em all with your mace. Move you mace fast with your mouse or...
Running platform game about red corpuscle inside blood vessel racing to the heart. The game uses a midi keyboard (Alesis Q61) to control five player movements. Every player must use his octave (on keyboard) to make the red corpuscle jump left, jump right or jump on-the-spot. The jump altitude is controlled by keys pression velocity. Oxygen adds points, cholesterol subtact them. Simple! :) If you dont have a USB Midi keyboard, control are: Player 1: q = high jump, a = medium jump, z = low jump Player 2: w = high jump, s = medium jump, x = low jump Player 3: e = high jump, d = medium jump, c = low jump Player 4: r = high jump, f = medium jump, v = low jump Player 5: t = high jump, g = medium jump, b = low jump Move all players left = arrow left Move all players right = arrow right ESC = quit game Have fun!