Past Games

Guide a family of ducks through outer space to their home planet by throwing out pieces of bread for them to move to.
It's a 4-player game where you control battling Boomba bots! There's also a cat! This game was one of the "Excellence in Gameplay" winners at the USC Global Game Jam Awards!
Guide Worman through the dangerous city and teach the citizens how to worm dance along the way! Control Worman by pressing the following buttons: R on keyboard / Right Bumper on Controller - mo
Perform your morning rituals....if you can.
[[[ CONTROLS: -USE THE LEFT AND RIGHT ARROW KEYS TO MOVE THE HEART -TRY TO COLLECT POINTS AND LAND THE HEART IN THE CORRECT PATIENT ]]] Pachinko meets heart transplant. A poignant view of our modern health care system. Welcome to Dr. Pachinko's Heartbreak Machine™! An innovative technology that puts all modern day medical practices to shame! The goal of this legitimate surgery is to match the appropriate blood types to the proper recipients! And remember...have a little heart.
Grab Apple is an online game for 2-4 players. It focuses on a cycle of killing and being killed. It was inspired by the cafeteria dish return.