Past Games

In this soon to be classic "pump" 'em up, a lonely broken heart is desperate for repair. The player controls a Heart tormented by its own demons, the tricky triggers. Help it face
This game is... - RWAAAW?? - TSSS CA BUUUM!! (...)
English: You are in a masquerade, and in a second printing has to meet a person who is present at the party, even though she was wearing a mask you're determined to go against that person.
English: In the distant future, robots have feelings and have their validity determined by a heart, just like humans. Our character is between life and death, and should remain in front of her to stay alive. Português: Num futuro distante, robôs possuem sentimentos e tem seu prazo de validade determinado por um coração, da mesma maneira que seres humanos. Nosso personagem está entre a vida e a morte, e deve manter-se na frente dela para continuar vivo.

Hearty Games