Past Games

The Boss is angry, again.. But this will be the last time! Good and Evil thoughts are flowing, trying to get out of your mouth! Silence them by typing them on your keyboard... Or let them pass!
Alien Splash is a Multiplayer Party Game, from 2 to 4 Players. In the game, players face an alien infection, from space that makes people explode. The rules are pretty simple, every new round a
Shack Wave, è un Picchiaduro Arena, dove fino a 4 giocatori (in locale) combattono tra loro, cercando di scagliare, gli avversari fuori dall'arena. Il gioco si svolge in un villaggio tribale, si
Blue guy and green guy execute a ritual dance to woo a girl. You, as the blue guy, shall dance the best you can to get her attention and marry her. Just follow the rhythm!

Hearty Games