Past Games

玩家將要扮演與小熊在北極生活的北極熊媽媽,在冰原因全球暖化而消失的時候,透過狩獵來餵養自己與孩子,同時還要從飢餓的海獅嘴下保護自己的小熊。 控制: 上下左右移動 Z: 攻擊/捕食 X: 搬運獵物/叼起小熊 Shift: 跑步
Avian inclined? Like firing giant energy beams? Now you can! Find your true strength by balancing the elements and go boom boom as a bird.
Speak anything to your microphone and make the wave.Help the surfer avoid the obstacles like rocks or birds with your voice.