Past Games

Fly your plane around a tiny planet and try to collect as much crude oil as possible, before it runs out. Deliver it to any refinery to have it processed into fuel, that is required for flying. This is a last man standing game, so whoever fails to collect more fuel than the opponent will last less long in the game world, thereby losing. \ \ In this game, deliberately crashing into another player (killing both) is a viable tactic. One can choose to carry only a small amount of fuel and attempt to wreck a player hauling a large load of oil to a refinery, for instance. \ \ If a player dies, he/she will only lose the fuel that is in the plane at that particular moment.
Foodsorz By Garbage Game Development In Foodsorz, the goal for the player is to keep all four species of animals on an island alive for as long as possible. Eventually, the food resources will run out, leaving the animals no choise but to attack one another. Managing food resources by steering animal migrations, extincion of all species must be averted at all cost!