Past Games

Memory Card game with a twist: It's now a 1v1 multiplayer real-time strategy game where you try to find as many pairs as possible and can swap cards to confuse your opponent. Also playable sol
FFA 4-player where people dig holes and repair them. You win by repairing the most amount of tiles. -You can play offensively by digging on holes below other players. -Buffs appear throughout t
You play this game as a hermit crab. Your home is slowly being destroyed by pollution and you find yourself wandering a treacherous world in search of a cleaner habitat.
Send out waves to see and interact with hidden parts of a level, then use your platforming skill to advance. ////////// Keyboard: - left/right arrows to move - z to send out a pulse - space to ju
In a kingdom behind a wall, mice are starving. A hero travelled across the walls to reunite the five pieces of cheese.
A multiplayer game where players work together and try to complete a whole bunch of fun mini-games before the time runs out!!

Hearty Games